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Hint: Pokemon Contest:
In Pokemon Contest houses, you may enter your Pokemon into a contest for a chance to win a medal. However if you enter without any Porok level ups, you will have a very low chance of winning. The way to raise this is to go out and find the trees with berries on them, then press A. You will then receive 1 to 4 berries. If you now go to a Pokemon House, you will see small gray machines on the right. The empty one on the top is for multi-player. For now, find a house in a city that only has a man at the bottom. Go to the other side of the machine and press A. You will then be asked to pick a Porok (berry) and throw it in. The spinner will come down and start moving. The objective is to press A just when the spinner hits your arrow:

Circle Within A Circle: Direct hit (much faster)
Circle: Near hit (slightly faster)
X: Miss (slower:
The faster you (and your opponent) get the spinner moving, the better. Once the meter at the top hits the end, it is over and the results and the fastest RPM the spinner was moving will appear. You will then receive a Blended Porok. The level of it depends on how fast you got the machine going. The average appears to be 11. Next, open your Special Items Pocket and go to your "Pez dispenser" type item (which you must have to play the game -- it is obtained from the girl in the first contest house). You will then pick a Blended Porok and feed it to a pet, making one of his Pokemon Contest stats (viewable in the Poke-Navi) go up. Some can even raise multiple stats. The more you do this, the better chance you have of winning.
Information in this section was contributed by Ketay.

Hint: Recommended starting Pokemon:
The best type of starting Pokemon (in order) are: Water, Grass, and Fire.
Information in this section was contributed by Omar Field-Rahman.

Hint: Gym tactics:
First, try using Kyamome or a Water/Grass starter. Then, try Water/Fire starter Grass at level 20 to 25. Finally, try Sandshrew with lots of Ground attack.
Information in this section was contributed by Omar Field-Rahman.

Hint: Poke-Navi:
This is a useful item with multiple functions.
Information in this section was contributed by Ketay.

Map: This will display a map of Houen. You can move the pointer with the D-pad and can also press A to zoom in.
Poke-Info: This will display information about your Pokemon stats. These may show how much of a chance your Pokemon has of winning a Pokemon Contest. These can be raised with Poroks (the berries).
Trainer-Dex: This will show information on all of the trainers you have fought.
Hint: HM list:
Information in this section was contributed by Ketay.

HM 01 (Cut): Cuts down small bushes. Found inside the house to the left of the Pokemon Center in Kanazumi City.
HM 02 (Fly): Can fly to cities: Found in the town with the sixth Gym.
HM 03 (Surf): Can Swim. Found in the house left of the fourth Gym.
HM 04 (Strength): Allows you to push some rocks. Found in the town with fourth Gym.
HM 05 (Flash) Lights up dark areas. Found in the cave on the island with the second Badge.
HM 06 (Rock Smash): Smashes some rocks: Found in the house to the left of the third Gym.
HM 07 (Waterfall) Allows you to climb waterfalls. Found in the cave with the Legendary Pokemon in Rune.
HM 08 (Dive): Allows you to submerge under the ocean. Found in Tokusane City after beating the seventh Gym.
Hint: Pokemon that cannot be captured:
The following Pokemon cannot be caught.
Information in this section was contributed by Omar Field-Rahman.

203. Bulbasaur
204. Ivysaur
205. Venusaur
206. Charmander
207. Charmeleon
208. Charizard
209. Squirtle
210. Wartortle
211. Blastoise
212. Caterpie
213. Metapod
214. Butterfree
215. Weedle
216. Kakuna
217. Beedrill
218. Pidgey
219. Pidgeotto
220. Pidgeot
221. Rattata
222. Raticate
223. Spearow
224. Fearow
225. Ekans
226. Arbok
227. Nidoran (F)
228. Nidorina
229. Nidoqueen
230. Nidoran (M)
231. Nidorino
232. Nidoking
233. Clefairy
234. Clefable
235. Paras
236. Parasect
237. Venonat
238. Venomoth
239. Diglett
240. Dugtrio
241. Meowth
242. Persian
243. Mankey
244. Primeape
245. Growlithe
246. Arcanine
247. Poliwag
248. Poliwhirl
249. Poliwrath
250. Bellsprout
251. Weepinbell
252. Victreebel
253. Ponyta
254. Rapidash
255. Slowpoke
256. Slowbro
257. Farfetch'd
258. Seel
259. Dewgong
260. Shellder
261. Cloyster
262. Gastly
263. Haunter
264. Gengar
265. Onix
266. Drowzee
267. Hypno
268. Krabby
269. Kingler
270. Exeggcute
271. Exeggutor
272. Cubone
273. Marowak
274. Hitmonlee
275. Hitmonchan
276. Lickitung
277. Chansey
278. Tangela
279. Kangaskhan
280. Mr. Mime
281. Scyther
282. Jynx
283. Electabuzz
284. Magmar
285. Tauros
286. Lapras
287. Ditto
288. Eevee
289. Vaporeon
290. Jolteon
291. Flareon
292. Porygon
293. Omanyte
294. Omastar
295. Kabuto
296. Kabutops
297. Aerodactyl
298. Snorlax
299. Articuno
300. Zapdos
301. Moltres
302. Dratini
303. Dragonair
304. Dragonite
305. Mewtwo
306. Mew
307. Chikorita
308. Bayleef
309. Meganium
310. Cyndaquil
311. Quilava
312. Typhlosion
313. Totodile
314. Croconaw
315. Feraligatr
316. Sentret
317. Furret
318. Hoothoot
319. Noctowl
320. Ledyba
321. Ledian
322. Spinarak
323. Ariados
324. Cleffa
325. Togepi
326. Togetic
327. Mareep
328. Flaaffy
329. Ampharos
330. Sudowoodo
331. Politoed
332. Hoppip
333. Skiploom
334. Jumpluff
335. Aipom
336. Sunkern
337. Sunflora
338. Yanma
339. Wooper
340. Quagsire
341. Espeon
342. Umbreon
343. Murkrow
344. Slowking
345. Misdreavus
346. Unown
347. Pineco
348. Forretress
349. Dunsparce
350. Gligar
351. Steelix
352. Snubbull
353. Granbull
354. Qwilfish
355. Scizor
356. Shuckle
357. Sneasel
358. Teddiursa
359. Ursaring
360. Swinub
361. Piloswine
362. Remoraid
363. Octillery
364. Delibird
365. Mantine
366. Houndour
367. Houndoom
368. Porygon2
369. Stantler
370. Smeargle
371. Tyrogue
372. Hitmontop
373. Smoochum
374. Elekid
375. Magby
376. Miltank
377. Blissey
378. Raikou
379. Entei
380. Suicune
381. Larvitar
382. Pupitar
383. Tyranitar
384. Lugia
385. Ho-oh

Pokemon: Ruby Version
Walkthrough/FAQ (Import)
by Ketay

/ \
| Table Of Contents |
/ \
| I. Updates |
| II. Info |
| III. Walkthrough |
| a. - Starting Out |
| b. - Save The Professor! |
| c. - A Rivaling Rivalry |
| d. - First Gym Battle |
| e. - Save The Bird |
| f. - Kaima |
| g. - Return of the Rival |
| h. - ELectrifying Electricity |
| i. - Hot Spring Heaven |
| j. - Return of the Team |
| k. - You can Fly |
| l. - The Seventh Badge |
| m. - The Elite |
| IV. Tips |
| V. Towns |
| VI. Mini-Guides |
| 1. Bike Guide |
| 2. Porok Guide |
| VII. Characters |
| VIII. Gym Guide |
| IX. Credits |
/ \
| I. Updates |


/ \________________________________________________________________
|First of all I made a top logo for the walkthrough. I think it's better \
|than the previous ASCII art. I also rewrote the porok guide and renamed |
|it to the Pokemon Contest / Porok guide. It contains a lot more info than |
|it previously did. I also wrote a gym guide which explains how to solve |
|each of gym puzzles. I also started a complete pokemon list, which shows |
|the japanese names of all the pokemon (I only have a few at the moment |
|though. I am now also composing a complete world map using ASCII which |
|will show where everything is. Remember that if you have anything to |
|contirbute, please send it to ketay@attbi.com (Specifically the pokemon |
|names). Thanks, and enjoy the walkthrough. |

/ \________________________________________________________________
|I have added many updates. I added some more ASCII art at the top, I added \
|a couple tips that were submitted, and I made a list of all the towns and |
|what they contain. I also redid the layout a lot by adding boxes and such |
|around some of the titles. I will try adding more things soon! Ja ne! ^^; |

/ \_______________________________________________________________
|I have completely the walkthrough through the game but some \
|parts are very vague. If you have any info on those parts please send it |
|in. I also added a few more tips, the bike guide, and a few more controls. |

/ \
| II. Info |

1. Game Info: Welcome to my walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire (Japanese
Version). I will try my best to bring you all the info needed to beat the
game and go beyond!

2. Controls: Okay, I have to admit that I havn't found out the controls that
much but here is what I have:

Up Arrow - Move up. Move the selection arrow up.
Down Arrow - Move Down. Move the selection arrow down.
Right Arrow - Move Right.
Left Arrow - Move Left.
(A) - Confirmation. Selects things. Use this to search for hidden items, to
interact with object, and to talk with people.
(B) - Cancel. Gets you out of menus.
Start - Brings Up Start Menu
Select - Brings Up Pokedex Options / Uses Item You Have Selected With Select
|L| + |R| - Can be changed in the option menu to serve as Left and Right while
selecting pokemon, and looking at stats (not while walking though).

- [ L + R Submitted By TCW ]

If you have any info, please send it to me (email at bottom).

3. Release Dates: Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby were released in Japan on November
21st. The scheduled release date for America is March 17th. *Sighs*. Soooo

4. Menu: Well the simplest translation for the menu at the beginning is (If
you already started a new guy):


Im 90% sure that's the way it is. The options is really confusion though so
I'm yet to play around with it. ^^;

5. Start Menu: This is the start menu AFTER you recieve a pokemon and pokedex,
etc etc.


6. Poke-Navi: This is a useful little item with multiple things to do. Here is
what they are:

1. Map - This will show you a map of Houen. You can move the curser with the
arrows and can also press (A) to zoom in.
2. Poke-Info - This will show you info about your pokemon stats. I think these
are the stats that shows how much of a chance your pokemon has of winning a
pokemon contest. These can be raised with Poroks (the berries) I believe.
3. Trainer-Dex - Here it will show you info on all of the trainers you have
fought. A very useful gadget.
4. Exit - Takes you back to the menu.

7. HM's: Here are a list of the HM's and their effect (that I know of at the

HM 01. - Cut - Cuts down small bushes. - Gotten inside the house left of the
pokemon center in Kanazumi City.
HM 02. - Fly - Can fly to cities - In The Town With THe 6th Gym
HM 03. - Surf - Can Swim - The House Left Of The 4th Gym
HM 04. - Strength - Allows You To Push Some Rocks - Fuen - Town With 4th Gym
HM 05. - Flash - Lights Up Dark Areas - The Cave On The Island With The Second
HM 06. - Rock Smash - Smashes Some Rocks - The House Left Of The 3rd Gym
HM 07. - Waterfall - Allows You To Climb Waterfalls - Get In The Cave With The
Legendary Pokemon In Rune
HM 08. - Dive - Allows You To Submerge Under The Ocean - Tokusane City - After
Beating 7th Gym
/ \
| III. Walkthrough |

a. - Starting Out

When you start you will see the opening screen. You can watch it or skip past
it by pressing START. Then it will say a few messages (Uhh... Right...) and
then it will show some boxes. Since this is going to be a new game pick the
top one. Then it will show a professor and he will talk for awhile. Then it
will give you a menu with a boy at the right and two options on the left. The
top option is to pick male and the bottom option is female. I would pick the
girl becuase she looks better but I'm a guy so I choose the guy. Then you can
name yourself. The top option is NEW NAME and the other ones are preset names.
If you do not know any japanese then don't pick the first. But if you choose
new name then you will be given a katakana chart. Pressing select will change
it to a Hiragana chart (which is what I use to name myself Kiitei or Takeshi).
Also if you press select once more you will come upon the normal alphabet.
Then it will give you a HAI (yes) / IIE (no) menu. Click the top one (hai).
Remember that yes is always on the top and no on the bottom. The professor
will say a few last words and then you're adventure will begin!

You will start out in a moving truck. Once it comes to a stop walk out the
door on the right. Then your mom will talk a bit. Then you will go inside and
see some machoke helping you move in! Convenient. The first thing you HAVE to
do is to go up to your room on the second floor and talk to the clock. Then
you will set the time. After that your are all set!

b. - Save The Professor!

Now walk out of your house and you will find yourself in your hometown,
Mishiro Town. First walk to the house to the right of yours and go inside.
This is your rival's house. As you walk in her mom (or his) will talk to you.
Now go upstairs and see your rival reading (or writing) a book. Talk to her
(or him, but im just going to refer to them as a her from now on), and they
will leave. Now go out. You can now exit the village to the north. Walk past
the kid (who would stop you before if you tried leaving without talking to
your rival) and up. Oh no! The professor is being chased by a doglike pokemon.
Run to his backpack and "talk" to it. This is where you choose your first
pokemon. I choose Mudkip (The water one). Now you will enter a battle with
the dog pokemon. Just use the first move (which is tackle for mudkip) twice
(may take three times) and you should win. Now you will be taken back to the
lab by the professor. He will then thank you and reward you by letting you
keep the pokemon you chose from his backpack. Then it asks you if you would
like to give them a nickname (again the hai / iie menu). He will talk again
and ask you a question, just answer yes. Then it's time to leave. Walk down
and out of the lab, and then north out of the village again.

c. - A Rivaling Rivalry!

This time as you walk out you will see some grass (which is different from
than in the other games). If you walk around in it you may encounter some wild
pokemon. At this point they are very simple. A few hits should do it. Very
soon you will encounter another small village named Kotoki Town. This one has
a pokemon center and a pokemart. It also contains two other houses which you
may explore. After healing your pokemon continue travelling up (Left is
blocked at the moment). As you go up you will find some stronger pokemon. I
suggest staying at the beginning of this route and leveling up at least to 7
or 8. Then heal your pokemon again and continue upward until you encounter
your rival. Talk to her and prepare the battle. This battle may be quite a
bit more difficult but is still very simple. Just use growl (or your second
attack, whatever that may be), and then keep attacking with your first attack.
Becuase they shouldn't have more than one elemental skill, the other pokemon
won't have much of an advantage. After winning she will run down. Time to
travel ALL THE WAY back to the lab. Then talk to the professor and recieve
your pokedex. This will show you a lot of info about the pokemon you see and
catch. Now you will recieve 5 pokeballs. The best thing to do right now is to
go all the way up and catch 1 or 2 level 3 or 4 pokemon. Then train them a bit
before continuing on.

d. - First Gym Battle

Route 102 is the next place on your list. Go to the second village place you
passed a few times with the pokecenter, and take a left. You will follow route
102 along for awhile. On this route is 3 or 4 trainers to fight. It's a great
way to level up. The pokemon are still really easy (My level 4 racoon dude
beat a trainers level 5 one). Once you take a turn up you will run into 2 very
wierd looking trees. These each contain a berry/food. Ones orange and one is
blue. I dont have the info on them yet but I'll try to get that done soon.
Very soon you will end up in the town containing a gym, which you will need 4
badges to face, named Touka City. You can walk (or run) around exploring this
place a bit. If you go to the left side of it there is a boy looking into the
water. If you stand by the water there you can see your reflection. Now once
you enter the gym, talk to the guy. He will talk and then another man will run
in and take you out and show you how to catch pokemon. Then you will come back
and you won't be able to do anything more wiht this gym at the moment. Go out
and go the the left. You will end up at a beach. Now go north into Touka
Forest. If you go left you will fight a bug catcher with 6 really weak
catapillar pokemon. Next go all the way right and out of the forest through
that exit and grab the pokeball. Then go back in, and go to where you fought
the bug catcher. Now go north of there and take a right (after grabbing the
second pokeball). Now go right and you will run into a man. Another man (from
team aqua) will come down and the first one will hide before you. Then you'll
go into battle with a weak level 9 dog pokemon. Beat him and the team aqua
member will run off and the first man will give you something. Continue along
the path and you'll run into another bug catcher with a level 8 pokemon. Beat
him and then grab the pokeball just above him. Then go out of the north exit
and onto the trail. Take a right and fight the two trainers there. Then go up
the bridge and keep going and you will end up in a new city, Kanazumi. Now is
a good time to heal (those trainer battles do take a lot out of you). Now you
can visit the first gym. The first two trainers just have geodudes which are
easy to beat with a water pokemon like Mudkip. Then just go and fight the gym
trainer. She uses a lvl 11 geodude, and a level 15 rock guy with a beak. Watch
out for the beaked one becuase it can recover itself multiple times. After
defeating them you will have defeated your first gym leader! You'll get a
whopping 1500 gold and your first badge, a rocklike badge with two arrow.
Great job! Next, on to the second!

e. - Save The Bird

Now after you walk out of the gym, walk to your left and you'll see a team
aqua member run by, and then the man you saved from Touka forest. Follow them
and then man will talk to you. Go to the right and you'll get into a grassy
area with a few trainers. You should take a little while and level up your
pokemon (have at least two semi strong pokemon by now). Now enter the cave on
the very right of this route and it will be very foggy. Just go up (you can
grab the pokeball) and fight the member of team aqua. They will then run off
and the old guy will come and claim his bird pokemon. Now go out back to
Kanazumi town and talk to that one guy again. He will then take you to a
building and give you your Poke-Navi! :D It will be the selection on your
start menu below the bag option. To see what each of the things do check up in
the info section under Poke-Navi. The man will also give you a superball. Now
go into the house that is left of the pokecenter and talk to the man. He will
give you HM 01 - Cut! Now use it on a pokemon. :) Now go up back to the
entrance of the cave and use it on the little short tree. Then you'll be able
to fight the two trainers there, get an item, and get 10 more poroks (3 on
each of the orange trees, and 2 on each of the bigger ones). Now its time to
head toward the second gym! Now remember the beach we passed right before the
forest? Go there and into the house. Talk to the old man chasing his bird and
answer Yes to the question. He will then take you on a boat trip to the island
with the second gym, Muro! Just heal your pokemon and head into the gym. This
may be a challenge becuase it is completely dark except for the light around
you. Go up and to the right and you will fight a trainer. After beating them
the light around you will grow bigger. This will help a lot. Now head up and
then to the left all the way. You will end up fighting another trainer like
before. Now go up further and to the left onec again to fight a third trainer.
This one is a bit harder becuase she has 3 level 12 pokemon. If you have a
pokemon at least level 18 you should be fine. A great strategy for this gym
is to bring a high level flying pokemon or psychic pokemon. Now head to the
right to face the gym leader. He's quite a bit harder and has a level 17
machop and a level 18 different fighting pokemon. If you've trained enough
you should be fine. You will recieve your second badge and TM08 (Not sure the
effect at the moment). But you have no completed 1/4 of the gyms! Good job!

f. - Kaima

The first thing to do after the gym is to go north and then to the left and
into a cave. Talk to the guy and you'll recieve HM 05, FLASH! Now you will
need a pokemon to teach flash to. After teaching it to one continue down the
cave and go down the ladder. Then it will be dark so you should use flash
here. This cave is almost as easy without flash though. Just follow the trails
and the ladders and you will soon end up in a room with a man in it. He will
give you tow items and then leave. Now just leave the cave the way you came
and go back to the boat man. Talk to him and there will now be 3 choices.
Choose the middle one now. You will end up at a beach with some trainers on
it. I suggest fighting them to level up. If you continue up enough you will
soon find yourself in the city of Kaina. Find the building that is blocked
by the team aqua members and then go into the building right below it. Talk
to the man behind the desk and then leave. Now go into the formerly blocked
building and go upstairs. Talk to the man at the computer and you'll be
challenged by two team aqua members. Beat them both and then another one will
come in and yell/talk to you. Then they'll all leave and then man at the
computer will give you and item and then leave himself. Thats all for this

g. - Return of the Rival

Now go north of the town and immediately turn left. Here is a patch of grass
that you should level up in becuase soon you'll be fighting pokemon that will
confused, poison, and paralyze you a lot. There are also two different
versions of a certain pokemon which seems to be pichu. One is blue and is
negatively charged and the other is red and is positively charged. The blue
seems to be a lot rarer though. After this go up and take a left. You will
encounter your second two on two battle with the twins (If you talked to them
the first time on the bridge). One will use the red pichu, and the other the
blue pichu. I suggest a ground type attack on them such as Mudkip's mud one.
After this continue left and you'll fight a few more trainers. Once you are
done go to the right all then up to encounter your rival. This time she has
THREE pokemon! Against me she had: A level 18 whale type pokemon, a level 20
grass type pokemon (The evelotion of her beginning pokemon), and her third was
a level 18 camel like pokemon. After beating her then continue along the path
and you'll end up in Kinsetsu city. You can walk around and talk to people,
heal your pokemon, or buy some things at the pokemart. But the most important
part of this city is the bike shop near the upper right corner. Talk to the
man on the left in there and he will give you a bike. It will go into the big
pocket in your backpack and if you select it and press the upper right option,
you can then press select at any time when you are outside and hope on or off
of it.

h. - Electrifying Electricity

Now you are ready to fight the third gym. This gym is an electric gym so if
you want to have a great advantage, go back into the cave you passed with the
geodudes and catch and few and train them up. Just watch out if you started
with mudkip and havn't been training your pokemon, becuase the gym leader here
beat me twice before I smashed him up with my graveller. When you enter there
will be an electric ray blocking part of the way. The best way to go through
this is to fight a trainer, step on the S bolt, and then fight another and
repeat. Each of those button changes the lightning rays a bit. After you get
to the top the old man gym leader will be waiting. He has a magnamite (not
hard), a voltorb (easy, but watch out for self destruct) and a magnaton (this
is what gave me so much trouble). After beating him go into the house directly
left of the gym. Talk to the man and he will give you HM 06 - Rock Smash. When
taught to a pokemon, this allows them to smash the cracked rocks. Now start
going north and weave throught the trees and hills. Soon you will reach 2
rocks blocking your path. Just bust out your newly learned rock smash (I
suggest teaching it to a geodude so you can also teach him strength later on
so you can get 2 HM's on the same pokemon). Now continue north. After a bit
you will rock some sand and if you try to go up you will be stopped by the
sandstorm. Instead, take a left and continue along (Note that all the way here
and a bit further contain a few trainers so keeping healed is a good idea).
Now this is the part that everyone screws up on. Once you reach a hill and go
right you will find Team Aqua blocking your way. INSTEAD, go to the left and
into the cave. This is a very simple cave, just find the exit and you will
find yourself in Hajitsuge town soon. This is a town with almost nothing to
do, so I just suggest healing your pokemon at the P.C. and maybe buying a few
potions or super balls at the Mart. Now leave the town and cross a bridge. Now
you will have to walk around a bit and find your way to a cave (there is a
semi strong trainer on the way). Enter the cave and walk down the trail a bit
and you will see a scientist. Talk to him and team Aqua/Magma will talk to you
and then leave quickly. Talk to the scientist again and then leave. Also you
should go back to the cave where you saved the man's seagull pokemon and grab
the TM there. It also opens up a path with Rock Smash that allows quick travel
between far away cities (That normally require a boat ride).

i. - Hot Spring Heaven

Now head back up to the path blocked by the two team Aqua/Magma members. Now
you can enter that building. Talk to the lady to get on the cable car and you
will end up on a mountain. As soon as you step out you will notice the members
of team Aqua and team Magma fighting. Just pass all of them and make your way
to the top. You will then fight two team aqua/magma members and then the
leader. After you are done talk to the glowing thing to get an item (I believe
it is the thing that allows you to fight Kyogre/Groudon later on?). Now head
down and all the way to the bottom where there is a path to Fuen Town. Go to
one of the houses on the west side of town and get HM 04 (strength) from
someone. Then enter the gym. This gym contains small springs that when you
hop into them you will end up in another. Watch out for some trainers that
pop out of some when you try to enter. Just watch where you have to end up
(near the middle) and soon you will find the gym leader. This is quite an
easy gym battle and is based on fire (with some normal type thrown in here
and there). Now you have half of your badges! Now to quickly get the next
badge go back into Touka City (the one with the first gym which you couldn't
get anywhere in) and you will see two doors. Just pick a door and you'll end
up in a room with the trainer. Beat the trainer the the two things in the back
will spin around showing doors. Pick another one and repeat what you just did.
Soon you will end up in a room with no doors in the back. This is the gym
leader. He uses sloth pokemon (Normal Type), so almost any type can easily
wipe him out (although fighting are especially helpful. Now leave the gym and
enter the house left of this gym. You will once again get an HM (Surf). Teach
it to your favorite water pokemon and prepare for your first surfing! Now head
to Kinsetsu city (the one with the bike shop and the electric gym) and go to
the very right of the city. Use surf at the water (Just press (A) while facing
the water and click the top option) and swim across to the other side. There
will be a few trainers here who give some good experience. Now continue on.

j. - Return of the Team

Follow the trail going north and you'll soon end up at a large building with a
bridge to the right. At the moment the bridge is blocked by Team Aqua/Magma
members so enter the building. If you need healing just go into the room on
the very left of the building and talk to the bed. Now go to the right and
beat the few Team members and head upstairs. Beat the few team members up here
and their leader again. All of these battle should be quite easy due to you
have been levelling up (right)? Now head out of the building *healing first
if you need to* and go to the right across the bridge that was previously
blocked. Now you will be in Hiwamaki city. This is a treehouse city so just
climb a ladder and go to the right. If you try going to the gym there will be
an infisible force of great power (=D) blocking you. Just go away and over
to the right. Then head out and go down and across the large bridge. There
will be a man here so talk to him and he will tell you about how it was
Kecleon blocking your way into the gym. Then he will turn and a Kecleon will
appear. You will then fight him (level 30, very easy) and then the man will
give you something that allows you to get rid of kekleon when you encounter
them. Now head back to the gym and talk to the invisible force of great power
and it will turn into a kekleon and hop off. Now enter the gym and you will
find there are a few puzzles in this gym. It's very easy and the gym
specializes in Flying Pokemon so you should bring along an electric type. Zap
the living daylights out of the birds and then you'll have your 6th badge!

k. - You can Fly!

Now exit the gym and search the few buildings here and you will find HM 02
- Fly in one of them from someone. Teach it to a flying pokemon (I suggest
the seagull pokemon) and you can now fly to cities you have visited (although
you may need to have been to a pokecenter in it first). Now go back to the
bridge where you talked to the old man and continue along the path. You will
end up fighting your Rival along the way and she will give you a pokemon that
changes form with the weather. Now continue along and you will see two A/M
Team Members run by you quickly. Now you will end up at the safari zone which
you can enter now. The first thing you should do though is go down and surf
to the middle and find a place to enter. Make your way to the top floor and
then fall down the holes and then go out the exit on the left. Make you way
to the top of the hill and fight the Team Aqua/Magma members and then talk to
the people up there. Now fly back to Kaina City (the one with the ocean
museum) and head north (up). Soon you will reach a building with a large crowd
around it. Talk to the man blocking the door and they will leave. Now enter
and you will end up not fighting the leader of Team Aqua in here this time.
Now go back to Minamo city (just to the right of the safari zone) and heal
your pokemon and get ready for a fight. Go up to the LARGE building at the
top of the town (General Store) and talk to your rival outside the door. This
is a bit harder becuase they will now have 4 pokemon, but you should be able
to handle it. Now go to the beach on the right side and hop on your pokemon
a surf to the north a bit and enter a cave. Just run through this place and
find the end and fight the member by the submarine. Then the leader will run
away in the Submarine so now leave. NOTE: if you follow the right path you
will find a patch of 4 pokeballs. Two of them are electrodes, one is an item,
and one is the legendary MASTER BALL. Make sure you grab this becuase it will
help a lot if you want to catch latios, latias, or use it on the legendary
pokemon that Team A/M has under their control (Kyogre - Sapphire / Groudon -
Ruby). Now head out of here and back into the water.

l. - The Seventh Badge

Surf out of their hideout and now go to the right (which was previously
blocked) and into Tokusane city. This is a very useless city other than for
the gym. Just heal all of your pokemon and head to the gym. This is a gym
which requires some sliding. There are a lot of lines of arrows here that will
slide you in the direction that they are pointing. But unlike RBY they dont
take 400 years to get through one. The point of this gym is to push the
buttons that will change 1 arrow in each line. Once you have pressed all 4
buttons you can now follow the red arrowed road to the gym leader. This is a
unique battle and is a 2 on 2 battle in which you are going against a Moon
Pokemon and a Sun Pokemon. After winning leave and talk to the townsfolk to
get HM 08 - DIVE. With it you can dive down into the ocean in the DARK blue
spots in the ocean. Now you can head out to Rune, the city with the eighth
gym. To enter though you need to dive down and swim through an underwater
cave. You cannot do anything here now so just leave it. Now go to Route 128
and dive down to find the final base of Team Aqua/Magma. This cave is a bit
harder and has a few puzzles. I will post the direct route to the leader soon.
But once you get to the end you will see Groudon or Kyogre (depending on your
version). Then the leader of the team will challenge you and after you beat
him the pokemon will escape. Now you will be out in the ocean (If you are
playing sapphire it will be raining, and im not sure about Ruby), just fly
back to Rune. Now go the left side and go up the stairs. You will see two
people talking and they will show you to a cave. This is a VERY simple one
path cave that is much easier if you have flash. Just run through it (dont
worry about the earthquakes) and at the bottom will be the legendary pokemon
that escaped. I suggest using your Master Ball here unless you are saving it.
But if you do catch it it will be a very strong addition to your party. Now
you can go out (MAKE SURE to get HM 07 - Waterfall on your way out) and to
the eighth gym. This is one of the easiest gyms if you do it right. When you
walk up the first thing of stairs onto the ice you must walk on EVERY tile
of ice and end up at the bottom of the ice ramp WITHOUT stepping on any
square more than once and the ramp will turn to stairs and you can continue.
If you mess up you will fall down and have to face a few trainers. But if
you think about it before doing it, it's quite easy. Once you get to the
top you will fight a medium strength gym leader with Water Type pokemon.
After beating them you will have ALL EIGHT BADGES.

m. - The Elite

Now head out back to the ocean and surf to the right untill you come upon a
GIANT waterfall. Use waterfall and you will be able to climb it, and you will
find yourself at a cave with a nearby Pokemon Center. Enter the cave and
you'll find yourself in a cave with pokemon and pokemon trainers stronger
than any that you have ever faced up to this point. If you need some new
strong pokemon, send out the weak pokemon, switch to a strong one and then
beat them. If its a really low level you will get a lot of level ups (Such
as level 5 all the way to 13 or so in only one battle). I suggest getting at
least a few pokemon at level 55+. You may want them a lot higher though. Once
you exit this cave you will find yourself at a large building, the pokemon
league. Buy a giant amount of revives, full restore, and other items that
will help you during your fights. WATCH OUT, the lowest level pokemon here
is a level 46! And the level continues all the way up to level 58 so without
some good pokemon, you'll get stomped in the first few battles. If you manage
to get through the Elite 4 plus the current champion, the professor and your
rival will come. There will be some talk and then you will be taken into a
room and you and your pokemon will have a place in the Pokemon League history.

And Now Watch The Endings Roll. Great Job!

After the credits you will be back in your room at your house. Walk downstairs
and you will find your mom talking to the 5th gym leader. Then you will reieve
a boat ticket and then the man will leave. You can now head back to the large
city with the general store and head to the dock. There will be a large boat
which you can ride to the island with the battle tower on it.
/ \
| IV. Tips |

Easy Beginning
If you want your beginning to be easier then when you get to choosing your
pokemon, choose mudkip (Water). Becuase the first gym is rock it will help
you out a lot. Also treecko (Grass) is a good choice.

Level Up
Always take time to level up your pokemon before going on just in case you
come across a really strong pokemon trainer.

If you choose to pick Torchick then a really good idea is to catch the seagull
pokemon as soon as you can. This allows you to beat the first gym easily and
not get clobbered by other water pokemon.
- [Contributed By Jackson]

Always carry around items such as paralyze heal, antidote, and awake sand in
case your pokemon gets affected by an attack. Poison is the worst of them and
can kill your pokemon when you aren't even in a battle!

At the beginning of the game you can withdraw a potion from your PC by going
to the second option, then the first, then the top item.
- [ Contributed By RTaylor661@aol.com ]

Always remember to save before a gym battle or a battle with a legendary
pokemon so if you die you can redo it without any penalty.
- [ Contributed By Mike101351@aol.com ]
/ \
| V. Towns |

Here is a list of all the main towns in the game along with what they contain:

Mishiro - Beginning Town and Hometown To Main Character
Contains: Pokemon Lab, Main Characters House, Rivals House

Kotoki - A small village that serves as a stopping point for trainers to heal.
Contains: 2 Houses, Pokemon Center, Mart

Touka - The Town of the fourth gym.
Contains: 3 Houses, Gym (5th), Pokemon Center, Mart

Kanazumi - A large city containing the first gym.
Contains: 8 Buildings (1 Unenterable), Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (1st)

Muro - An island town containing the second gym.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (2nd), 3 Houses

Kaina - A large ocean front city.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Mart, Contest House, 5 Houses, Ocean Museum, Pier,
Gym (2nd)

Kinsetsu - A medium sized peaceful town.
Contains: Bike Shop, Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (3rd), 4 Buildings

Fuen - A nice village with hot springs.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (4th), 2 Houses

Hajitsu - A mountainous town.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Contest House, Mart, 2 Houses

Shidaku - A nice green village near a mountain.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Mart, Contest House, 3 Houses

Hiwamaki - A treehouse like village.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (6th), 6 Houses

Minamo - A very large city with a large dock.
Contains: Dock, Pokemon Center, Mart, Pokemon House, General Store, 6 Houses

Tokusan - Another island village with a gym.
Contains: Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (7th), 6 Houses, Large Building

Rune - An Island city within a mountain.
Contains: 8 Houses, Pokemon Center, Mart, Gym (8th)

/ \
| VI. Mini-Guides |

< 1. Bike Guide >

In Pokemon R/S there are two bikes. After the eight gym you can get a faster
bike. There isnt much to these bikes but they allows you to reach some please
that you normally cant. The moves for the bike are:

Ride - Direction Pad
Wheelie Ride - B + Direction Pad
Hopping - Hold Down B For 5 Second While Not Moving - Then Direction Pad
Side Hop - Sideways + Direction Pad (Must Have Exact Timing)
Turn Hop - Opposite Direction + B (Hops and turns to face the opposite way)

< 2. Porok/Pokemon Contest Guide >

The pokemon contest is a great new addition to the new set of games. They
allow your pokemon to earn ribbons in a contest. The contest is made up of
two different parts.

First: Beauty Contest
Description: This is a contest of pure beauty. You will be against 3 other
trainers which will send out one pokemon each. There will be a small crowd
of pokemon which will judge how good looking your pokemon is. The more hearts
that appear above their heads, the better the pokemon is. The amount of
hearts that you get will contribute to your overall total score.

Second: Attack Contest
Description: This is a contest of your pokemon's attacks. This is not a small
contest like most believe it is, there are many different effects that pertain
to different moves. Here are most of the different types of moves:

Force: Raises Your Hearts
Defense: Lowers Another Pokemon's Hearts
Shield: Protects Your Hearts

Some moves play a very small role and don't help you much, and others can give
you a very high advantage. A few examples are:

Reflect: Protects Your Hearts From Being Deleted This Round
Hyper Beam: Adds Four Hearts To Yourself, And Removes Four Hearts From The
Pokemon Above You. Stunned for one turn, but cannot have hearts removes the
next round.

There are other moves which have other effects that are very helpful. There
are some that removes hearts from every pokemon who has already gone, there
are moves that paralyze a pokemon who has not gone.

Another strategy in the attack contest is that if you use the right moves in
the right order, you will get extre applause, and if you get two '!' in a row
from the judge your hearts will double. But if you use the same move twice in
a row it will create boredom among the crowd.

If you just enter a pokemon into the contest right away you do not have a very
high chance of winning. But you can increase your chance greatly by feeding
your pokemon something called a Porok. These poroks each have a different
flavor that changes a different contest stat on your pokemon. There are 5
different contest stats which go with the different contests that you pick
which to enter your pokemon in. You need to go out and find the small berry
trees in the dirt. 'Talk' to the tree to recieve 1 - 3 berries of a certain
type. Each one has it's own number that shows which one it is. The next
step is to go into one of the pokemon contest houses. To the right will be two
grey machines. The top one will be completely empty and is used for linking
gameboys and playing with a friend. The bottom one will always have a man and
will sometimes have some other people at it. Talk to an empty side to start it
up. You will then pick one of your poroks to throw in. Then the spinner will
come down and after 3 seconds it will start spinning. The point is to press
the (A) button when the pointer is pointing at your arrow. Here is the

| (o) | Cicle In A Circle = Direct Hit - Spinner Spins Much Faster
| ( ) | Cicle = Near Miss - Spinner Spins A Little Faster
| X | X = Miss - Spinner Spins Slower

The winner is the person who gets the most hits and fewest misses. Then you
will recieve a blended porok. After blending a porok it will have a level
assigned to it. This level is affected by how fast the spinner got going. The
better the level, the more it will raise your pokemon's stats. Then go into
your backpack and find the pez-dispenser like item. You can then pick a
blended porok and feed it to a pokemon of your choice. You can then see it
go up and how much it does. Some of them will raise more than one stat at a

You now have a pokemon with better contest stats and you can check these at
any time using the Pokemon Navigator.
/ \
| VII. Characters |

Coming Soon
/ \
| VIII. Gym Guide |

+Gym: First
+Location: Kanazumi
+Element: Rock
+Difficulty: *
+Puzzle: This is a straigtforward gym. Walking 6 steps forward will put you in
a battle with the first trainer in here. If you would like you could go around
to the left to avoid this battle. You can then go further up to meet the next
trainer which you can avoid by going to the right. Then a few steps further
will allow you to fight the gym leader.
+Tips: Use a water pokemon (Mudkip if you started with him, The seagull
pokemon if you didnt). Also fight the trainers becuase at this point, exp. is
very important.

+Gym: Second
+Location: Muro
+Element: ???
+Difficulty: **
+Puzzle: This is a gym in which there is little light. The solution is this:

5 Steps Up
6 Steps Right (Trainer Battle)
7 Steps Up
6 Steps Left
1 Step Up
**4 Steps Left (Trainer Battle) Then 4 Steps Right
7 Steps Up
**5 Steps Left (Trainer Battle) Then 5 Steps Right
3 Steps Right
4 Steps Down
5 Steps Right
6 Steps Up (Gym Leader Battle)

+Gym: Third
+Locations: Kinsetsu
+Element: Electric
+Difficulty: *
+Puzzle: This is a simple puzzle in which the S's (Lightning Bolts) on the
floor are switches which change the lightning barriers. The best way to beat
this gym is to fight a trainer, step on the switch, fight another, step on
the next switch, etc. This will gain you a lot of experience and will get you
through the gym to the gym leader.
+Tips: Use a high level geodude found in an earlier cave to have a good
advantage at this gym.

+Gym: Fourth
+Location: Fuen
+Element: Normal
+Difficulty: ***
+Puzzle: This is a gym which normally takes people many tries before getting
to the leader if they do not study the puzzle right. Here is the solution:

Enter the puddle in the small square you start in.
Enter the puddle 3 steps left and one step down.
Take 3 steps up, 4 steps left, then one step up.
Take 3 steps up, and one step right.
Take 3 steps up, 2 steps left.
Take 5 steps up, 1 step right.
Take 4 steps up, 2 steps right.
Take 5 steps right.
Take 3 steps down, 4 steps left, 1 step down.
Take 8 steps down, you're at the leader.

+Gym: Fifth
+Location: Touka
+Element: Normal
+Difficulty: **
+Puzzle: Another straightforward gym. After getting 4 badges you will be able
to enter the 2 back doors. You will enter a room with a trainer and 2 more
doors. Just beat the trainer, and pick a door. Soon you will end up at the gym
leader which you'll know by there will not be 2 doors in the back. Beat his
sloth pokemon and you are home free.

+Gym: Sixth
+Location: Hiwimaki
+Element: Grass
+Difficulty: ***
+Puzzle: This is another gym that takes a little work to discover the
solution. The solution is:

1 Steps Up
3 Steps Right
3 Steps Up
12 Steps Right
1 Step Up
1 Steps Left
1 Step Down
1 Step Right
1 Step Up
2 Steps Left
6 Steps Up
3 Steps Right
3 Steps Down
3 Steps Left
4 Steps Up
1 Step Left
1 Step Down
1 Step Right
3 Steps Down
3 Steps Right
3 Steps Up
5 Steps Left
1 Step Down
4 Steps Left
1 Step Up
1 Step Left
7 Steps Up
7 Steps Right
2 Steps Up
2 Setps Right
1 Step Up
1 Step Left
1 Step Down
2 Steps Right
1 Step Up
2 Steps Left
2 Steps Up
3 Steps Left
8 Steps Down
2 Steps Right
5 Steps Up
2 Steps Right
3 Steps Up
5 Steps Left
2 Steps Down
8 Steps Left
1 Step Up (Gym Leader Battle)

And after ALL that, you're done. :)

+Gym: Seventh
+Location: Tokusan
+Element: ???
+Difficulty: **
+Puzzle: This is yet another easy gym puzzle. You will ride on the roads of
arrows and when you run into a switch, push it to change the direction of a
red arrow. After changing all 4 switches you can ride to the gym leader.

+Gym: Eighth
+Location: Rune
+Element: ???
+Difficulty: ***
+Puzzle: This is a gym which seems to be a problem for a lot of people, but
in the end turns out to not be so hard. Here is a step by step walkthrough:

l = left
r = right
u = up
d = down

So 6d would mean 6 Steps Down.

3u (Gym Leader Battle)

And you now have passed all 8 gyms!
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| IX. Credits |

Copyright Ketay 2002 - All Rights Reserved.

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recieved permission from me directly. This walkthrough may not be
put on your site for any reason, unless I know of it. You may, though,
link to this walkthrough from your site.

If you have any contributions please send them to pkmn@attbi.com with your
name and email address (if different from what you are sending from).

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